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Book Review: Feed The Flames (Steel & Stone #3.5) By Annette Marie

Feed the Flames - Marie Annette Brown


* May contain spoilers from previous books in this series. Read at your own peril.


I still hate Seiya, but I'm finding myself liking Lyre even more now. I went into this book imagining the worst of the worst because nothing is more terrible than reading a book in the head of a character you despise.


Lyre proved to be a real friend and has helped Piper in any way he could for the past 3 books. Unfortunately, he's trapped with Seiya in some confusing revenge-but-not-revenge plot Miysis is planning. Lyre also proved to have a sketchy past that I'm just dying to find out about in more detail.


Seiya seems to have learned something about friendship and helping/caring for other people and not just her brother. She's now hell bent on helping Lyre. Yet, I still can't say anything good about her. She's almost a petulant child where Piper is concerned.


Though this did leave off at a cliffhanger, I can't help but praise the story. It was very short, but to the point. These are characters the reader already knows so the author spends no time recollecting everything (which was a blessing). I'm still deciding if I'll be waiting for the audio book for the next two books in this series to release or if I should just power through reading them and missing Lyre and Ash's sinful voices.


My Favorite Quotes:


"[...] No one was invincible. Death was one mistake away for them all [...]."


"There were other things worth fighting for - worth dying for."


"Piper is something he needs. And yeah, it's gonna hurt him, and sometimes it's the hardest damn thing, but love is like that."