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Audio Book Review: Yelid The Night (Steel & Stone #3) By Annette Marie

Yield the Night - Annette Marie


* May contain spoilers for the last two books in this series. Read at your own peril.


What an exciting ride! I loved every minute of this book, but I have to get one thing off my chest: Piper was SO infuriating! While I was hearing this audio book I could almost see the smoke coming from my ears. 


Ash was as amazing as ever before. Though I should mention his psychological damage from the previous book is taking a tole on him. However, I can't wait to see how that story line develops in future books. I disliked, but understood his determination to protect Piper. What I disliked so much about it was him almost getting killed in several occasions. Through thick and thin I'm still Team Ash.


Piper had an amazing transformation and I loved every second of it. All of a sudden she isn't a magicless equivalent of a human just waiting for a daemon to get the better of her. This was full of ups and downs, and problem after almost impossible and unsolvable problem, but she, yet again, has managed a way to pull through alive. 


Seiya was a big baby when her brother was concerned. I did see her side of it all, but it was very annoying having Piper worry if she was going to be killed by her on top of everything else. I don't think Seiya ever considered how her brother would feel about driving Piper away. I'd also like to mention that in the last book she barely registered on my radar.


I had (still have) a HUGE problem with the ending where Ash is involved. Why would Piper turn away from him after she admitted what she admitted? Why is it that now, of all times, it's still impossible for them to be together? She isn't helpless anymore! I just can't understand her.....


The Audio Book:


Jorjeana Marie was amazing as ever in her narration. I adore the voice she uses for Ash and Lyre.