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Audio Book Review: Bind The Soul (Steel & Stone #2) By Annette Marie

Bind the Soul - Annette Marie


I lost count of the number of emotional highs and lows in this novel. Every action scene I found my heart pounding and always hoping for the best outcome (which sadly were few). I'm so emotionally spent and yet I still want more. It's like a train wreck waiting to happen, you simultaneously A) look at it and expect different results and B) want to be shielded from it because you are sick of getting caught in the crossfire.


The beginning of this novel was action packed and, though everything went a little too well, I still loved every second of it. I also liked the complexity of it all. Every time an enemy daemon died I was fist pumping the air in real life. 


Ash was very unstable this time around and for good reason (that I can't mention). He still found it in himself to be nice to Piper (when he was "lucid"). I am such a big Team Ash! I want them to share more than desperate kisses. They deserve at least a chapter where no one is after them or trying to kill them for some reason or another.


Piper really had a backbone, which I loved. That was the only thing about her that ticked me off in the first novel. She was fierce and made impossible things happen in bleak situations. I truly despised the ending (check the spoiler tab for more on this). It was totally uncalled for if you consider what they have been through as a team (Piper, Ash, Lyre & a mystery character that I can't say or it'll be yet another spoiler).


On last quick note: What a villain Samael turned out to be. Does he never give up? I was getting so angry with him popping up everywhere and ruining everything. 






What the heck was that ending?! How does a HUMAN school security compare to the power of three deamons and two dragonets? I don't understand the reason for the added pain. Can't Ash and Piper ever catch a break?
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The Audio Book:


The audio book has entranced me. Considering that the length of this full story was over ten hours and I finished it within a day of starting it, the time passed very quickly. I still don't understand how I got through it so fast, but I can't wait to jump into the third book in this series with Jorjeana Marie has the narrator.