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Book Review: Yes Please By Amy Poehler

Yes Please - Amy Poehler


This book has made me shed tears and has made me reflect on my own life. It has made me realize that my actions have consequences, sometimes in a distant future. Life is made of ups and downs, but it's only when you pick yourself up that you see who you really are as a person. 


If you'd have asked me if I would ever pick up a memoir to read without it being a bet or forced down my throat I would have laughed in your face and called it a night. I have never imagined myself willingly reading this type of book. In my mind this isn't an average memoir though. I see myself in the writing style and it's probably why I got through the entire novel. It's sarcastic, witty and funny. It's what I try to make most of my reviews sound like. 


The second to last chapter was what really resonated with me. It's made up mostly of Mrs. Poehler trip to Haiti and it brings up a lot of valid points everyone should reflect upon. While most of us have more than enough and live a comfortable lifestyle, the population in Haiti barely have the necessities. It makes you think twice about those first world problems that make up your life.


The last chapter was my favorite because I do agree with her: Cellphones will one day kill us all. We have become so dependent on technology that we barely live in the moment anymore. I am in no way not guilty of this, but it makes me want to try and wean myself off it because it does become an addiction whether you see it or not.