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Book Review: Omen Operation (Isolation #1) By Taylor Brooke

Omen Operation - Taylor Brooke


* I received an eARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.


This book was very entertaining! I have a long history of enjoying human experiments gone wrong in novels and this one was no exception.


Brooklyn was an awesome heroine, who was not afraid to kick butt and tell it to you straight. She didn't beat around the bush when it came to stressful situations and she really shined in combat/battle. I really took a liking to her and after that ending I want to know what happens next.


Porter was a very cute and witty love interest. I liked him off the bat, but then he confessed and that felt like a nice bucket of cold water on my head (which made me think twice about him as a whole). As the book progressed he won me and everyone else in the book over to his side again.


There were two things that bothered me in this book though. The first was Brooklyn's BFFs name: Gabriel. I have no problem with the name per se when you're talking about a guy. It took me almost the full first chapter to realize that Gabriel was a girl. The second thing that bothered me was how ECHO would find everyone in the span of seconds. I understand they're all powerful and rich, but let's be realistic, no one can send out troops and have them get there THAT fast.


The ending was both very sad and surprising. For a moment, I actually thought 'OMG they are going to make it and be free' and then everything just hit the metaphorical fan. Those last three chapters were so action packed that I didn't even remember anything else existed other than me finishing this book.


Favorite Quotes:


"You're a lion among wolves, Brooklyn. It's not that we're alike at all - it's that you're more deadly."


"Trust me - I know you don't [need saving], but I'm gonna be here in case you change your mind."


"Control was all she had left, and she was losing it."