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Book Review: Bite Me (Lupo Legacy Episode #1) By Elizabeth Kelly

Bite Me: Lupo Legacy - Elizabeth Kelly


This was a cute and quick read because it's a serial. In other words, a series of very short "novels" releasing usually within a span of 2-3 weeks apart to complete a full story arc. This is the first time I finally picked up a serial in my reading history and I can't say I hate it. 


The story started off very cute, but I did have a few issues with it. For instance the event at the pool with Ty. Why was everyone so laid back about it? Does everyone know something the reader and the main heroine (Emery) doesn't know? It really felt like I was only beginning to scrape the surface of a mystery.


Ash was nice, right up to the point when he started making no effort to spend time with Emery anymore even though they were BFF's for maybe 13 years. It just made no sense to me. You may ask why this drama happened and I can safely answer you for once: A GIRL. I was really disappointed in him and in their so called friendship.


Overall, it was an interesting story even though I found the ending unnecessary. I will be continuing on in this serial. I hope the "villain" isn't as obvious as it's seeming right now. I want to be proven wrong for once! Also Teegan was an awesome character.


My Favorite Quote:

"So you want to tell me what's going on with you and hank o' love from across the street?"