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Book Review: Time And Time Again (Maybe, #2.5) By Chantal Fernando

Time and Time Again (Maybe) - Chantal Fernando


I have very mixed feelings on this book. The story in general, excluding the ending, was nice. It was well written, the dialogue was relatable and the flow of everything was on point. Interestingly enough this book has an average of four stars on GoodReads.


My problem begins on the last few chapters. I have a very strong opinion when it comes to a few subjects. One of those subjects got approached in this book: Cheating. Even though Tag says he didn't go through with it, it'll always be there, in the back of her mind. I can guarantee you that next time he does something she doesn't like the first thing out of her mouth will be that incident. I simply don't care if your last girlfriend made you go down this road. In my book, it's something you just don't do, period.


So considering my rant, I had a problem with Tag as a person toward the end. Don't get me wrong, if he wants to sleep around while NOT in a relationship it's his prerogative and he can go right on ahead without judgment on my part, but the moment he's committed to someone and he starts reverting back to his old ways I'm DONE.


I even started getting upset with Clara (P.S. It took me a few minutes to actually remember her name just now). Why would she knowingly go into a "casual relationship" while knowing she's going to break her heart? Why would she consider changing herself for a guy who couldn't care less and that she had known all of 2 weeks? Call me hard headed, but it just doesn't sit well with me.


Overall this series has been going downhill for me. I've been persevering through every book, but I'm already seeing in a near future me giving up on this series. The books have been getting less and less interesting, even though I can't tell you what actually bothered me in the last book. 


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