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Book Review: Tiger by the Tail (Midnight Liaisons #4.5) By Jessica Sims

Tiger by the Tail: A Midnight Liaisons Novella - Jessica Sims


This novella was very cute. I wish it was a tad bit longer, but what can you do short of threatening the author? -wink,wink-


Mandy was thrown into a horrible situation thanks to a greedy and selfish were-tiger. Her decisions were getting made for her without any consent on her part and shifting was not becoming an easy feat. It went downhill from there until Adrian came into the mix and made a bet.


Adrian was the quiet second in command. Just because he doesn't say anything, doesn't mean he wasn't feeling anything. It was amazing seeing how caring and dedicated he could be. He won me over by the 30% mark.


Overall a sweet story, which will be obligating me to continue on in this series by picking up the next book. P.S. The happily ever after was adorable!


My Favorite Quotes:


"She had opinions, dreams, plans. She mattered, damn it."


"But really, hadn't he been giving her everything she'd ever wanted? Love, patience, understanding, companionship, and letting her have a say in her life?"