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Book Review: Embraced By Jus Accardo

Embraced - Jus Accardo


This book has given all the other books I will ever read a higher level for me to look forward to. This book is SO close to perfection in my mind that I don't even know what to say. It had the right amount of everything: tension (dirty mind, you can go there), mystery, frustration over the mystery, action. It was a beautifully executed with plot twist after plot almost-impossible-problem. My only complaint: It was TOO short.


Jax was still god-like and amazing this time around. I continued to love his protectiveness toward Sam. It was all rainbows and happy endings until it wasn't because the action picks up in the first three pages and it all goes to cloud nine from there.


Sam was very courageous and thankfully was still sporting a back bone to boot. She endured a lot in this book and from the looks of the minor questions-left-unanswered-ending it doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon. 


The ending was EPIC. By the last few pages I didn't know who was who where Jax was concerned. Heck, I don't even think there was a way to know. After all Jax and Sam have been fighting for that ending was very harsh and undeserved on both their parts.


This book does include the first chapter of Book #3 which I haven't read on purpose. This book was worth the two year wait with a minor cliffhanger, imagine my mental state if I read the first chapter of the next book only to receive it in the next two years. I don't want to know, so I'll be happily awaiting the release of Book #3 without splurging and reading the "extra" chapter.


Favorite Quotes:


"Not once during all of it did I consider the possibility of failure. Of surrender. That wasn't me. I didn't quit."


"Hope was dangerous. It could lift you high then send you plummeting at breakneck speed."


"Somewhere in the world pigs were cleared for takeoff and cats were dating mice."