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Book Review: One For Sorrow (The Veil, #5.5) By Pippa Dacosta

One For Sorrow: A Muse Urban Fantasy - Short Story (The Veil Series) - Pippa DaCosta


This was awesome! I am a very big fan of 'The Veil Series' By Pippa Dacosta and this story gave me just enough immersion in the story's world to get me hyped for the spin-off series that will be 'The Chaos'. 


In the short story 'One For Sorrow', Muse is just as kick ass as ever! I love her personality and her being a good-as-far-as-a-half-demon-half-human-can-be is an added bonus to me. Akil makes an almost appearance (read the story and you'll know what I'm talking about), which did get me excited. I have a love/hate relationship with him as a character. Ryder was interesting. I still love his one liners.


In 'Alone Time', we get to see a different side to Muse and Ryder's friendship which was sweet. I knew their friendship developed into something "deep" over time, but that story just put the bow on it.


In ' She Burns", we get inside Stefen's head and I was totally on board with this. It was incredible!! I am Team Stefan and I was always curious as to what was going on in that head of his when he came back (read the series BEFORE reading this story!). I am one happy camper!


In the last story 'In Conversation With Akil' things take a turn. I was thoroughly creeped out by every aspect of it. Though I have to admit it was a crazy and an original (to me at least) take on an author and his/her characters.  


Over all, this was an awesome collection of stories. It will make a fabulous addition to an already incredible series. 


My Favorite Quotes:


"'Well this isn't creepy at all.' All it needed now was a clap of thunder and a few streaks of lightning, and I'd be starring in my own bad horror movie."


"Maybe I did have family. Surly, straight-shootin', pulls-no-punches kinda family. The best kind."


"One wing, Ryder. One. Wing. I'm starting to take it personally."