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Book Review: The Finn Factor By Rachel Bailey

The Finn Factor - Rachel Bailey


This was a cute and quick read. The dialogue was witty and fun. This book had me laughing out load at inappropriate times.


Scarlett is a very fun character to get to know. She thinks about a million miles an hour, but ends up filling in the blanks when prompted because most of what she "said" is only in her head. I loved that about her because I have a few moments where my head is a war zone as well. She's so preoccupied in getting a boyfriend that she doesn't see what Finn has been doing for the last few years.


Finn is a nerd and a good looking one at that. He's obsessed with the most obscure subjects that it eventually becomes endearing (keyword: eventually). It turns out he's the reason Scarlett's dates never show up more than twice and when Scarlett finally figures it out things quickly escalate.


I really liked getting to know Scarlett's hippy parents, even though I disagreed wholeheartedly with their way of life and teaching methods. Finn's sister's were a great addition to the story and helped move the plot at a better pace. I also loved the dog!


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