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Book Review: Dawn (Dire Chronicles #3) By Alyssa Rose Ivy

Dawn (The Dire Wolves Chronicles Book 3) - Alyssa Rose Ivy


* I received an eARC of this book by the author in exchange of an honest review.


I've been apprehensive to write this review because I disliked this book SO much. I hated the change in point of views and how the story revolved around just one event: The Hunt. There was nothing going on parallel to that and if something started to go on, it was all speculation and it died down fast. Also, because of how much I was"enjoying" this book I skimmed and skipped over A LOT just to make it go by faster. The only thing that mattered to me after the different point of views started, was finding out who Mary Anne picked and boy was that disappointing and anticlimactic.


Mary Anne was very annoying this time around, but don't take my word for it because it could just be me projecting. Sure, she's the one that made the plan and made a few things possible, but I just couldn't stand her. Her love of triangle was grating on my nerves.


Gage...I hate this kid and have hated him since he popped up in Book #1. He's impulsive and simply does what he wants, when he wants it and nobody tells him no. So because I hated Gage and Mary Anne so much (this isn't a spoiler, just my opinion) I think they deserve each other. There! I said it.


Hunter deserves better, but he isn't a saint either. His chapters and Michelle's chapters were the only ones I enjoyed reading. They were the most action packed and actually moved the story along without all the whining and what-ifs.


The conclusion to this book (even though I was skimming every other chapter) was predictable to me. I think Mary Anne chose right because....URGH! I can't even justify that without giving away a major spoiler.


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