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Book Review: Tracker's End By Chantal Fernando

Tracker's End (Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club Book 3) - Chantal Fernando


* This review is based solely on the 84% of the book that I read.


My expectations made it so I disliked this book. That's the problem with expectations. You set yourself up for failure almost every time. The second book in this series was so good and the way Tracker was portrayed made it so my expectations sky rocketed. I guess it's my own fault.


Lana was an awesome character. She's (ironically enough) a best selling author, but only her mom knows it because she uses a different name. That's a very clever twist on a character and I loved it. She's also grown a backbone when considering her past and is loyal and loving as ever.


Tracker lost his shine by the 50% mark in this book. He seems to think everyone is out to get him and just because he reads something Lana wrote (that wasn't even published yet) he throws it all out of proportion and won't let her explain. If that's what it is to be in a relationship with him, then I'd rather Lana be alone. Nobody needs that kind of drama on a daily bases in their lives.


I stopped at 84% because I didn't care enough about the characters to power through until the end of the book. If there is another book in this series I will consider reading it, but I'll be carful not to get my hopes and expectations up yet again.


My Favorite Quotes:


"Even though he isn't in my life, he did teach me one very valuable lesson. No matter what, men leave."


"Hearts get broken every day. I'm just another statistic."


"I'm the recluse author who's going to turn into a crazy dog lady."