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Book Review: Lust (Allure Chronicles #2) By Alyssa Rose Ivy

Lust (The Allure Chronicles Book 2) - Alyssa Rose Ivy


I don't understand how I loved the novella in this series and ended up disliking the rest of the books. I can't even explain what makes me dislike this particular series so much either. I generally love books by Alyssa Rose Ivy. I just have to accept that this series will never be one of them.


To be frank, this whole book (the beginning and ending being the exception) felt like a big filler to me. I still don't understand what Owen getting in trouble in the "shadow" scene had to do with moving the story along. I also don't understand why it had to be perceived that the Dragos had a sort of more-than-friendly relationship with Violet. It just seemed strange because she's an allure (more or less emotionless creature) and the whole book implies she's all powerful and old has dirt. So explain to me the reason for that dynamic/plot line in the story as a whole? Other then that, the pacing was nice and even though I skimmed a few pages here and there I can accept the book was well written and that the flow of it, as a whole, was good.


I have nothing to say about Daisy and Owen. I like them as a couple. They work great together and I love seeing the protective side Owen has when it comes to Daisy even thinking about putting herself in danger.


Conclusion: The cliffhanger really left me no choice. I will being reading Book #3 for the sake of my sanity. FYI: cliffhangers are just mean.


Favorite Quotes:


"Is losing your humanity, your propensity to feel, not worse than death? What do we have if not our emotions?"


"Because a frozen heart can be thawed. What you are can't be fixed."


"The name implies we're star crossed lovers destained for a tragic end. That's not us."