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Book Review: Hexed Hearts By Rebecca Vincenza

Hexed Hearts - Becca Vincenza


I both loved and disliked various aspects of this novel. Over all it was an awesome story, but it didn't feel like a polished diamond. I'd describe this novel as a diamond in the rough. 


I'm not usually a grammar freak, but this novel pushed me to the cliffs edge. When I look back on my notes on my iPad it feels like I was editing the book instead of just reading it. In my personal opinion, I think this would have gone over better as a duology instead of a full length book. At one point in the story I felt a whole other massive storyline be introduced and before it became interesting I had to fight myself to not give up on this book.


I loved certain things about Hunter. He was caring, loyal to a fault, loved his personal space and his privacy. I didn't like the all around hot and cold relationship he and Colette had going on, but I persevered trough it. Story wise, I was not disappointed.


Colette was a really nice character to get to know. She's the tortured turned strong heroine that I love so much. It was really amazing to see her progress from victim to strong almost alpha female. The story starts off very dark while she's in captivity. She forms a bond with Griffin and it only gets more complicated as the story progresses. 


Conclusion: This story was amazing, but it needs a few more rounds of editing. I'd love to re-read this if it ever gets re-edited. I usually am not a fan of re-reading, but I think this book is worth it.


P.S. Those bonus chapter's in Hunter's point of view were amazing! I'd definitely be interested in a novella in his point of view after the happily ever after.


Favorite Quotes:

"Now my spontaneous self needs to go be spontaneous elsewhere."

"He had me heart, body, soul, and wolf."

"[...] if I don't come out in the next five minutes, the dress ate me."