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Book Review: The List (College of Charleston #1) By Kate L. Mary

The List - Kate L. Mary


I'll start off by saying that this book contained TOO much angst. Everything was complicated. Even the simplest problem that came up for Annie was too much. Don't get me wrong. The first 230 pages (on my iPad) were awesome, but then I noticed a trend and it just got annoying.


I started out liking and respecting Annie, but by the end I was rooting for it all to go down hill. I understand that she's been sheltered and wants to experience life, but what responsible person goes out to club, gets drunk and while drunk consents after being asked by an older drunk guy if they could go back to his apartment? I'd like to point out though that she didn't go to the afore mentioned apartment because she got intercepted by her flavor of the week (Chris) and his friends.


I had a problem with a lot of Annie's actions. For example, when she knew she was over Chris she still kept leading him on, kept making excuses and never told Cami because she was scared Cami would get mad. My question: WHY would she get mad? Just because the other person likes you doesn't mean you have to go with the flow!


Chris started out decent, but turned into a total girl by page 400. He was more emotional then Annie and that's saying a lot after you actually finish reading this book. He was the clingy one and it bothered me SO much. The worst part was reading about Annie complain about being helpless and not wanting him and blah blah blah.


Ryan was a coward. even he didn't know what he wanted in life when it came to Annie. He kept leading her along and then would (metaphorically) slap her for believing they could have something together. All the back and forth that was happening was making my queasy. By page 500 I wanted it to be over with. I'd prefer to read what was happening in Cami's life. 


My Favorite Quote(s)

"And I knew the feeling - I'd spent my whole life pretending the smile on my face was real."