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Book Review: Three Hours By Dannika Dark

Three Hours (Seven Series Book 5) - Dannika Dark

* I was provided an eARC by the author in exchange of an honest review.



This story is on a whole other level when compared to all the other books in this series. This isn't light and fluffy, nor is it dark and dangerous. This story is about a guy who's barely hanging onto life and the woman who makes him see who he really is and finally breaking down his barriers.


I have liked Naya since book #1, when she was considered the nosey, but helpful neighbor that no one was certain of. She is strong headed and won't take to being insulted by men very well. She's learned to be this way because of the hand life dealt her and her out of the norm job of being a striper just helped this along. There was no one more deserving of getting Wheeler as a mate then her.


In this novel we finally get the see the REAL Wheeler. Not the scary, loner of a brother that everyone is kind of skeptical about. The guy beneath the hard mask of tattoos is guilt ridden and in serious need of some loving. It takes almost reliving the past to finally get him to admit that Naya might have a point.


The twist with Ben was the icing on the cake/book. If you were to consider the brothers appearance wise no one would be the wiser. It takes Ben disrespecting someone Wheeler loves for the sh*t to finally hit the long awaited fan. To say I was ecstatic on how it all turned out is putting it mildly. 


What I Want For the Next Book:

I REALLY want Denver's story, maybe even a novella with William's story. Everything is just falling perfectly into place. I don't want this series to end on Book #7.


My Favorite Quotes:


"You wear ink on your body like armor, but that's not a confession - it's a defense."


"You can either live as a victim or become a survivor. The choice is yours."


"I never realized until I met Wheeler why they called it falling in love. It hurts. It sometimes takes you by surprise. It scars. But when you find the right person, it doesn't end. You keep falling in low doses each day you're with them."