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Book Review: Fighting Silence (On the Ropes #1) By Aly Martinez

Fighting Silence - Aly Martinez


What an emotional and exhilarating ride. All this because of an email I finally opened and decided to share about. I'm at a point where I simply don't know what to say/put in writing about what I feel when considering this book as the topic of discussion. This book is one of the few that left me speechless.


I found myself tearing up the entire first half of the novel. Something about Eliza and Till's situation just hit a sore spot in my heart. When most have so much, not just money wise and they barely having a home and a family just really hurt to read about. No one deserves that life and it was amazing watching/reading the transformation right before my eyes. 


The main heroine is Eliza. She's the girl who had a hiding spot to escape from her reality. Till entered his fantasy through the window of Eliza's hiding spot and has been there ever since. Till is the love interest. He's complicated in every way and will eventually go deaf thanks to a genetic disease. Their story is raw, powerful and filled with cruel twists of fate (whose second name is author).


You have been warned.  


My Favorite Quotes:


"'I don't stalk. I keep tabs.' He winked."


"Maybe having it all was never meant for us."


"I slammed my fist into my reflection [in the mirror]. It shattered against my hand, and I wished like hell that I could do the same to life's vendetta against me."