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Book Review: My Commander (Bewitched and Bewildered #1) By Alanea Alder

My Commander - Alanea Alder


(This review is based solely on the 32% of the book that I read. For all I know the story could have gotten better and the characters could have evolved.)


I couldn't take this anymore when I hit 32%. Conversations with most of the character's seemed forced and unnatural. It was like they were having a competition to see who could be the most sarcastic and get away with it. I also can't make myself recall either of their names. That's how much I liked reading this story.


The heroine seemed to have a personality disorder. She acted nice and gentle in one instant and the next she was climbing on a table to be at head level with her "mate" (P.S. More like  complete stranger) so she could scream at him that he was a (insert swear word here). It got exhausting keeping up with her. I understand being sarcastic and a bit excited for what's to come, but I just couldn't stomach her level of crazy.


He was a complete stranger who one moment is cold and wants to keep his distance and the next he's feeling her up and promising her everything. They had a few bits of sweet conversation, but most of it went down the window because of the rest of the book (that I read).


Conclusion: I really wanted to like this. Specially after reading all of the positive reviews. Unfortunately it didn't happen. 


P.S. How this book an average of 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon is beyond me.


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Weren't possible for this book.