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Book Review: Seduction's Kiss (The Allure Chronicles #0.5) By Alyssa Rose Ivy

Seduction's Kiss (The Allure Chronicles) - Alyssa Rose Ivy


May I just start out by saying that this cover doesn't represent this story in any way. This story is at the most PG-13. This cover almost made me not want to pick this up to read because it infers SO much if someone just happened to glance over at what you're reading when you first open this up on a phone or tablet or just scrolling through your ebook library.


The story started out really slow and I didn't really know what to expect. It was your typical college room mates convincing the studious one to take a chance on an "awesome" party. Daisy starts out being the good girl guys don't really pay much attention to. So when she and her BFF get to her BFF's almost boyfriend's house things start out weird. There are two guys that come on strong and you never know what to believe. Every prediction I made was wrong, which was a nice change from recent books.


When the sh*t finally hits the fan things start to pick up. She gets saved from a dire situation and BOOM it's love at third sight from a guy that didn't even give her the time of day at a club. The guy ends up being the future main character: Owen and also a pretty darn awesome supernatural. 


Conclusion: I want to know what will happen between Owen and Daisy now more then ever. This prequel teased just enough about him for me to want to find out more. I can also guess at what will happen thanks to Daisy and her stubborn streak.