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Book Review: Dusk (Dire Wolves Chronicles #2) By Alyssa Rose Ivy

Dusk (The Dire Wolves Chronicles Book 2) - Alyssa Rose Ivy


If you've read my review of the first book in this series you know of the love/hate relationship I have with this series. The suspenseful ending of the first book did something amazing for the story. This sequel was not up to par with the first book.


This time around I actually found myself rooting for the alpha male that is Hunter. Sure, he came off SUPER creepy and strange the first time around, but this book gives you more insight on his motives and how respectful and caring he really is when it comes to Mary Anne. I also didn't mind the plot line on the reason for his obsession with keeping Mary Anne.


I just want to kill Gage myself.  He and Mary Anne keep claiming it's true love, except they've known each other "their whole lives" they only just started going at it (please keep your head in the gutter -smiles-), quite literally in the back of his truck without having even gone out or even forming a romantic relationship.


Mary Anne is very annoying and whiny. All she does it complain that she loves a guy she's been with for a few days and that life isn't fair and Hunter is too this or that and blah blah blah. Can't you just be grateful he isn't into forcing himself on you? Just so you know 5 days isn't true love, hun.


P.S. How is it that what happens between Mary Anne and Gage by the end of the novel doesn't make him hurt her and automatically wolf out? He's wolfed out for less. URGH.


My Favorite Quotes:


"He's risked his neck and all of ours to do it. Cut Hunter a break. Give him a chance."


"It isn't a nightmare. You aren't sleeping. Stop trying to get lost in delusions. They won't help you. Focus on what's real."


"One of these days you're going to tell me things before I am forced to make erroneous assumptions."