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Book Review: Fix Up (Patch Up #2) By Stephanie Witter

Fix Up (Patch Up Series Book 2) - Stephanie Witter


* I was provided an eARC by the author in exchange of an honest review.


This is a really good sequel. The writing is still as entertaining as ever and I can almost sense this sequel begging to be written. It wasn't a forced continuation. This story just HAD to be told.


Sky is as good as she can be after the finale in Book #1. I like how it showed her trying to deal with her problems because the truth is no one, after having gone through a traumatic events, wants to willingly rehash all those events out and how they made them feel to a psychiatrist (AKA a complete stranger.


Duke. I was reading through reviews for this book just to get a sense of where I stood in relation to all the other people how have read this book and I found this amazing quote that describes my feelings for Duke exactly from Debbie (her review here): "[...] I wished we'd heard from Duke [in the first book] . Well, here you do and I take it back. Its too painful, Duke's unravelling runs parallel to Skye's recovery. He knows what he is doing is destructive, to himself, to Skye and to their relationship but he cant stop himself."


Conclusion: This was a very nice ending to Sky & Duke's story.


My Favorite Quotes:

"Life is a b*tch, I should know this by now."

"It's not love that hurts, Kate. It's people."

"Loving me is not a synonym for saving me."