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Book Review: Killer Instinct (The Naturals #2) By Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes


* I was provided a physical ARC of this book by the publisher in exchange of an honest review.


I am 95% happy with the turn out of this book! Everything I was hoping for happened! Let's make a check list:


✓ The guy I was rooting for got the girl.

✓ Yet another mystery/serial killer rampage vanquished.

✓ The ending was awesome....(if I had the privilege of having the next book in my hands right at this moment....Pretty please? Hehe)


There was a little more character development for the secondary character's this time around. Since I read the first book in this series almost a year ago I did end up getting faces and personalities mixed up and don't even get me talking about who was what agent. The only one I had down was Sterling because she was introduced in this novel.


Cassie is still the same old Cassie. Until the last few chapter's she's involved in a love-triangle and I really wanted to violently talk some sense into her. When she finally chose a guy, I was ready to do the electric slide with the hokey pokey. The reason for all the enthusiasm is because I NEVER choose the guy the author decides to write the story about, so from there this book was a keeper.


If you read my review of book #1 you'll know which team I picked, so unless you want to spoil the book for yourself (and as much as I hate telling you NOT the read a review of mine) DON'T DO IT! Let me just say that it was totally unexpected and I LOVE Mrs. Barnes for it!